How to Enter

Entry Deadline: 29 January 2019
Shortlist Announcement: April 2019
Awards Ceremony: 22 May 2019

Eligibility Dates: within the last 12 months

Charity and Corporate rate: £365 + VAT 

Entries will be accepted until Tuesday 12 February. A late entry of £80 fee per entry will apply to all entries submitted after midnight 30 January.

As part of our partnership with the London Benchmarking Group, all LBG members are entitled to a 25% discount off all entries. For details, please email

1. The Business Charity Awards are open to all UK based companies of all sizes and across all industries. Charities may enter on behalf of their corporate partners. Joint entries from companies and their corporate foundations will also be accepted for their work with charity partners. 

2. The eligibility period for submissions should reflect highlights and achievements from the past twelve months. Entries can cover multiple years but the focus should be on the last year. Entries may be resubmitted in subsequent years if it can be proved that substantial developments/improvements have taken place. 

3. Within each entry, you will be asked to answer the following series of questions:

– Entry title / project name
– Company or organisation name
– Name of charity partner
– Charity partners cause area
– 200 word executive summary

4. The word limit for your written submission is 1,000 words plus a 200 word executive summary.

5. Each category has a specific set of questions to be answered within the entry system. 

6. As part of your entry, you are required to upload a minimum of one high res JPEG or EPS image to represent your entry. Should your entry be shortlisted, this image will be displayed on the Business Charity Awards website along with your 200 word executive summary.

After you have completed your submission, you then have the opportunity to provide the ‘colour’ to your entry within support material and images uploaded separately.

Please make clear any special instructions that will help the judges access the uploaded material.

Please note you may only upload a total of 50MB to the system.

It is understood that in some cases entries may include sensitive information. 

Third Sector reserves the right to publish descriptions and case studies of winning entries, but if an entrant asks for any part of their submission to remain confidential, it will be treated as such. 

To do so, please mark sensitive information within your written submission and send an email to

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